Service update relating to Coronavirus / Covid-19

EWD Recycling Coronavirus Business Continuity Statement – 18th May 2020

EWD continues to closely monitor the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on its business and supply chains. The Coronavirus outbreak is having an impact on our business, but we are working hard to minimise this where we can.

We retain our original priorities as our key focus:

  • Protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of our colleagues and the members of the customers we serve.
  • Ensuring our business operations are able to continue with minimal disruption and that our customers continue to receive the essential services that we provide.

Whilst fulfilling our commitment to UK Government in providing an essential service to customers during this time.


We have provided all colleagues with extensive guidance in line with the infection control measures recommended by UK Government and public health agencies and continue to update these when new guidance is published. These currently include:

  • Staying at home and working from home if possible. We have enabled many colleagues to work from home with laptops and softphones, with appropriate cyber security and GDPR in place.
  • Following the social distancing guidelines wherever possible. Clearly, we do have some operational roles where this is not possible and therefore the other control measures become even more important in these situations. We have also developed and issued guidelines on Social Distancing for specific business areas such as our MRF’s (Mixed Recycling Facilities).
  • Anyone who displays the symptoms of Coronavirus (a high temperature or a new, continuous cough) or if a member of their household displays symptoms, have been asked to ‘Stay at Home’ and contact the NHS online services and self-isolate in line with the guidelines.
  • Following company protocols on Hygiene, which includes frequently washing hands by using alcohol-based hand gel or soap and water and when coughing and sneezing, covering the mouth and nose with a flexed elbow or tissue – throwing the tissue away immediately and washing hands.
  • Following company protocols on Cleaning, with a new consistent standard being introduced across all our UK sites.
  • Following company protocols for dealing with waste which could be contaminated.


We are continuously and regularly providing our managers and colleagues with up to date information on virus prevention and isolation protocols in written and listening formats aimed at minimising risk.


Our business is continually monitoring the information and implementing the advice and protocols recommended by UK Government, WHO and Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

We are monitoring employee absenteeism levels and are providing regular reports to management and executive teams, utilising the resources across the group flexibly to support our continues service delivery.


We are constantly evaluating the potential effects of any interruption to our business operations and whilst detailed and specific business continuity plans have been developed specifically for this situation we will adapt our plans as needed as the situation emerges This process involves identifying potential threats to our organisation and our customers such as the inability to perform critical and essential processes. Should this occur, we will liaise with customers closely in order to provide the most effective approach to maintaining essential functions and processes.

Customer Contact

We have provided a summary business continuity plan to our customers (where deemed appropriate) enabling Customers to understand the way in which we would prioritise our services, should we need to take such action. We are also in regular contact with our customers, working together to support their businesses and service requirements during this period.

Our business policies and actions relating to your Services

It is important we all work together to reduce the risk posed from Coronavirus. EWD Recycling are implementing the following policies and actions in relation to the current situation:

  • Social distancing – Our drivers will avoid contact with you and your employees. Social distancing has been applied across our workplaces. All non-essential business travel has been stopped.
  • Hand washing – Frequent hand washing is essential and should be done for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, or hand sanitiser if soap is not available. All our drivers are sanitising regularly.
  • Increased cleaning – We have increased the frequency and depth of our cleaning routines across our office and communal working spaces. We are asking everyone to follow our hygiene protocols
  • Self-isolation – Anyone who displays symptoms or if they have people in their household with symptoms (a high temperature and / or new continuous cough) has been asked to follow government advice and stay at home for the required period of time. We will send colleagues home if they attend work and display any symptoms.

We will continue to operate as normally as possible, however, we are aware we may need to make changes to some services.